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Flying can be a nightmare from overly priced food and drinks at the airports and on the plane, to the noisy child kicking the back o your seat to the kind old lady spilling her life story to you when all you want to sleep on your red eye! To the guy coughing next to you or a delayed flight when you are a time crunch. All of these things you can encounter when flying and I pray that no one ever has to encounter them all in one trip! There are many friends of mine that are avid travelers but will tell me“I hate flying!” but personally I’ve found a few ways to make it better and even so that you may enjoy your flight

  • Food & Drinks While Flying 

  • To Sleep or Not to Sleep While Flying

  • Don’t Get Sick While Flying


​Food and Drinks While Flying

In the United States of America there are very strict rules and regulations on the amount of liquids that you can take on the airplane with you this is currently set at
3.4oz or 100 milliliters. Liquid items must also be in a quart size zip lock bag.


No water bottles then? Wrong! You can bring a water bottle through security but it has to be empty. Does this rule include food? NO! You can pack as much food as you want into your carry on or personal item fresh produce there may have restrictions. That being said here are a few tips on how to cut cost on food and drinks during your flights!

Tip 1: Bring Water Bottles

Yes the bottle has to be empty but most airports have water fountains and some even have a special one to fill water bottles! Also, lets say your forgot your water bottle… Most airports have a Starbucks. At Starbucks they will typically give you water for free. So save that five dollars you would have spent on water and put it towards your next flight!

Tip 2: Bring Your own Food

​Let’s be honest most airport food is gross and outrageously over priced. So save yourself the hassle and brig your own food. Pack things that you enjoy and will make you happy. For me this means dried fruit, chocolate, and coconut chips (I’m addicted!) Just some little things that taste good and can kind of be a pick me up if and when I get stressed out. I highly recommend things that will help you be happy!

Tip 3: BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze!)

Don’t waist money on buying that five dollar cocktail on the plane! Even though rules exist on the amount of liquids you can take on the plane shouldn’t stop you; typically, you can still get away with squeezing at least one sample size bottle of liquor in you liquids bag. Sample sizes are usually around one to two ounces and can be found at most liquor stores.

To Sleep or Not to Sleep  While Flying

To sleep or not to sleep is a common question I ask myself when flying. The answer is not if I don’t have to! Sleeping on a plane is the worst and there is no great way to do so! If there is any possible way for me to survive without sleeping on the plane I avoid it at all cost! This can also effect your jet lag.

Tip 1: Get the Window!

Sleeping on the plane is the worst! You always wake up feeling still tired and you can almost never get comfortable but if you absolutely must sleep on your flight get a window seat! Getting the window has been found to be the most comfortable and easiest way to sleep away the ride; because you only have to worry about one person next to you. For instance the middle seat has a person on either side of them. Isle seat has a person on one side and on the other they have to worry about people walking past!A man placing an earbud into his ear

Tip 2: Bring Ear Plugs

Planes can get super noisy from people talking to one another, the flight attendant asking everyone for drink orders, to children and the kind old lady telling your her life story! Bring a set of ear plugs maybe to if you want to be kind to a fellow passenger who may be having trouble as well!

Tip 3: Team No Sleep

Great you’ve decided to avoid the devastation of a really poor nap on your plan. Now what are you supposed to do with the next 12 hours? Bring things to do!  People often forget there is so much you can do without your internet service even though most planes have in flight WiFi. Bring a book to read or your kindle if you prefer that (I have found that it is much easier to travel with your kindle). Listening to music, or even write a book if you are so talented. Often we forget what to do without constant internet connection.

Don’t Get Sick While Flying

Planes are gross!  Germs all over the place and there is no worse way to starting off your trip than getting sick. Not only do you have germs everywhere you also have hundreds of people sharing close quarters. Here are a few tips to help avoid the impending doom of getting sick from traveling.

Tip 1: Alcohol Wipes

Alcohol wipes are something you can find in almost every drug store in the United States they typically come individually rapped and in a box or 50 to 100. I recommend buying a box and bring them with you and wiping down EVERYTHING you plan on touching on the plane! For example the seat belt, tray table, air vent and light and especially everything in the bathrooms! Wiping everything down will help reduce the chances of you getting sick on your flight.

Tip 2: Boost Your Immune System

A packet of cranberry- pomegranate Emergen-CWhen planning a trip you often plan months or even years in advance! So why not plan to prevent getting sick by preparing your body before take off! One way to do this is by taking your daily vitamins! Typically, I will also take Emergen-C the week before take off and during the trip. Garlic is incredible for you and upping your intake. This may help your body to defend it’s self form unwanted visitors.

Hopefully these tips help improve your next flight! I would love to hear any tips that you may have that improve the quality of your flight! Please leave them in the comments!


Here’s a link of the airline that I use most often when traveling around the United States:


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