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A sign stating that refugees are welcome
Well it’s official there has been a lot hat has happened so far in early 2017. The United States of America got a new president who is none other than Donald Trump. Ever since he has been sworn into the oval office. This has caused nothing but divide and protest against his acts!  Many people have many different views. Grown adults are now acting like children in middle school!. They are calling each other childish names like “Stupid”  come one really we are adults!

Where I Stand

Now this may not be the best coming from a white women and people say that I don’t know the struggle and they would be correct. I don’t know what struggles others face in this time; but I do know the struggles that are being placed upon me as a women and can only imagine how much worse it is for others. No I don’t know the struggle but I see the suffering in your face and anguish in your eyes and my heart breaks!

To know that I am a citizen in a country where it is acceptable for the president to “Grab her by the Pussy!”. That a gay man to be told he cannot enter an event he was on the list to due to his sexuality. The fact that seven countries have now been banned for the USA and people are being held at air ports. Peoplewho are fearing they will get denied re-entry into the country they worked so hard to get into. That they thought could be their safe place in a time of terror. The fact that we are letting our president start to over take parts of the government and surpass a branch with his executive orders even if its only temporary this will be our future!

Who Will Have Rights

As it stands right now our future is going to be a world where everyone but wealthy white straight men are going to be at the bottom oPhotograph of the USA Bill of Rightsf the social ladder; we may as well just go back in time. So pretty much every one even parts of the 1% because they are women. Currently when watching the news makes me fee like we are taking a giant step back into time. We are having to fight for our rights as HUMANS. Everyone that is being endangered of their rights that have been fought so hard to obtain.

We have been fighting for years to be able to vote, be in the military, be able to get married, and just live as equals. America was once a place where all people besides Native Americans where immigrants. This country was built on immigration so why are we now saying it’s bad! Should we have just left it alone and let the natives live here as they had been for hundreds of years? Probably but we can’t go back now!

Lets Talk Women!                                                                                                                                       Women and men in all colors standing holding hands around a piece sign

By no means can I speak on others feelings about this but I am horrified of my future and what my options will be. First off lets talk about planned parenthood! For those of you who don’t know Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organizations. They provide birth control and reproductive healthcare for women who cannot afford it domestically and internationally! Yes they do have abortion services there and that is why Trump and all of his devout followers want to cut funding and dismember Planned Parenthood.

Abortions and Birth Control

Here are my views it’s your body and your life; I do not know your story I do not walk each day in your shoes, I can not tell you what is right and wrong! Arguments for and against abortion come by the thousands but my question is if you are against it shouldn’t you be pro birth control? No? So let me play devils advocate here. You mean to tell me that you want to make it next to impossible and extremely expensive to get birth control but when an unwanted pregnancy happens I have no choice.

Wouldn’t one think that if you are Pro-Life you would want to make birth control more accessible and easy to get for everyone to reduce the chances of an unwanted pregnancy. But no they are making it even harder to get birth control and making it impossible to end a pregnancy. What if you are a little girl who got raped and who’s body can’t physically handle a pregnancy or the effects of labor? What are we going to do then?

Women’s Health

Men say that birth control is a luxury just like tampons are a luxury but they want the government to pay for their Viagra. They tax tampons even though as women we have no choice but  to ovulate or have a period but you have a choice to refrain from sex. Not to mention not getting paid as much, getting looked at as a weaker sex and even just a sexual object at times. We might as well just start working our way back to 1920 where we can’t even vote?

Lets Talk Gay Rights!                                                                                                                                       Rainbow colored lipstick being applied to lips

This is something that has recently become less of an issue than more of an issue. Don’t ask don’t tell was taken out of the military in September of 2011 this means that people openly in the LGBTQ community can serve in the military. Even more exciting gay marriage was legal in all 50 states as of June 2015. I can not speak on a personal level about this subject but I am immensely proud of how open and accepting our country was becoming of each others differences.

Lady GaGa sang here song Born This Way at the Super Bowl this year. Still being one of my favorite songs. Speaking about accepting others for how they are born and no matter what. One of my other favorite songs on this Same Love by Macklemore. I may not be part of the LGBT community but I sure as hell stand with them. Fight with them for equal rights because every one deserves equality no matter what! Also even as a straight women I have found that gay bars/ clubs are the best; because the people are always so friendly and even if you look gross people always compliment your!

Lets Talk Black Lives Matter!

In the Year of 1965 people of color where finally allowed to vote after years of segregation. That’s 100 years after slavery was abolished in the United States. Why did it take us so long to get them the right to vote and end segregation? Especially when women could vote 45 year prior to that! It even took a year from when segregation ended in 1964 to when they could vote in 1965. Even though they legally have the right to vote and segregation is over why is there still so much racism?

There is still so much hate because it has been passed down through generations of families. Unfortunately in some cases it’s so ingrained into a persons beliefs and morals that they aren’t even aware of this. People close to me have even said things that make me second guess them and their character. They say off handed comments that are so demeaning and racist but they don’t even think twice about it. The have that we have been fight this fight for over 150 years is just sad!

Lets Talk Equality!

By writing this am I saying that everyone needs personal treatment and special services? No that’s not at all what this is for. This is for standing up for what is right and that is that every one should be equal. Everyone having the same rights, and  opportunity no mater what gender, sexual orientations,  what religion or skin color. The United States of America was built on immigration and diversity and that is something to be cherished and celebrated. Just because someone is different than you or believes something else doesn’t mean either person is right or wrong. Listen to their story and talk to them you might just learn something you never thought of; because you don’t know what they have been through and you don’t know their struggles and triumphs.

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