Boston in a Day

One day in Boston just simply wasn’t enough. Boston offers so much to see and do. Hans and I had one hell of a time exploring the city while we could though. Part of it was spent doing tourist sites. Such as walking the freedom and taking photos everywhere. Other times where spent walking the streets and looking for little spots with the thickets accent possible. Boston was one of the greatest places to explore. Especially because even alone as a woman I never felt unsafe. Hans did a great job as my travel companion. All the links that I could find will be listed at the end.  To follow our Boston adventure, keep reading.

The Stay 

Choosing not to stay in the heart of Boston may have been one of the best choices of the trip. By far Air BnB is one of my favorite ways to make accommodations. Especially because it was a very busy time in Boston with hockey tournaments and baseball games going on. These events caused rooms to be close to $400 a night and I paid $45 a night staying just outside of the city. Christie was my host and was very helpful with recommendations and directions to bus lines. She also was helpful if I needed anything or had question. The bed was comfortable, there was a shower and a kitchen. What more does a girl need. This was the perfect place to call “home” on the in between of moving abroad.


Choosing to forgo a car rental public transit and walking where the way I chose to get around Boston. Public transit was fast and efficient. The  reason I chose the Air BnB I did was it had a short walk to the Bus 111 which took you straight into the down town of Boston at Haymarket Station. On top of using the bus lines, the subway was also a great way to get around the city if it was too far to walk. The Charlie Tickets where inexpensive and way cheaper than a Lyft. One thing I did not like is that there was no day pass. Portland, Oregon trimet offers a pass for the day but not the MBTA its either a month pass, roundtrip ticket or one way ticket. Over all I really enjoyed the experience that public transportation gave me.

Food and Drinks

Where to even begin with this. Let’s Start with landing and check in then just a time line. Landing at about 8:45pm on a Wednesday not much was open by the time I got my bags and checked in. Christie (my host) recommended a great little pizza place The Brown Jug. Brown Jug delivers and with walking distance. Instead of pizza I went with a calzone that was fantastic. Thursday I got up and took the bus into Boston got a breakfast sandwich and coffee from the first Starbucks possible. Next I had tea at the Boston Tea Party museum. After that I went to Boston Common and had a sausage from one of the many little carts around.

In Boston

After a brief break in eating and short history lesson I found a small little Pizza place and ate pizza. Next was a spot recommended by a local in Boston Public Market called Red’s Best. Red’s Best was really one of the best lobster rolls that I’ve ever had. More walking around and wandering took me to the Northend which is famous for Italian food. Mike’s Pastry’s is one of the cannoli shops there. My chocolate mousse cannoli were to die for. Right next door was Stanza Dei Sigari. This is the last cigar bar left in Boston. This was one of the coolest bars that I’ve ever been to. Great staff, stiff drinks, and a great environment. After a drink and part of a cigar (I don’t smoke and don’t know that I was doing it right.)

It was time for time more food! For dinner, I chose Panza a small little Italian restaurant. The cook and waiter had thick accents, I knew that I made the right choice. One of my favorite things to do is pick a few menu items that sound good and ask the waiter which is better and what wine to be paired with. This time my waiter was spot on. Panza gave me some of the best Italian food that I’ve ever eaten. After dinner, it was time to turn in and go back to my room.

What to Do

Now that you’ve heard about my accommodations, transportation, and food, let’s talk activities. Once in the city I chose to walk around down town and explore a little before going to any sites. Boston Tea Party Museum was the first “site” that I saw. Instead of the museum tour I chose to walk the harbor trail. Which was totally worth it. After that I decided it was time to head to the Boston Common. After walking through out the common I stumbled upon the information center that had guided tours of the freedom trail.

Touristy things aren’t always what I want to do but this was so worth it. “Lydia Mulliken” was my tour guide she was knowledgeable and well versed. On the tour, I learned more about American history and saw many historic sites. For instance,Paul Reveere didn’t even finish the midnight ride and that he got captured by British soldiers! The guide also gave amazing recommendations for food places. After the trial like stated above I got food and went to Stanza Dei Sigari this bar contained some of the best accents that I’d heard all day. A thick accent is how you know that it’s where the locals go.

A History Lesson

Along my Freedom Trail I learned a ton of history. Things that even in American History class where wrong or changed. Such as the Boston Massacre not really being a massacre to the standards today. There where around 5 dead and 7 injured, but that’s not the coolest part. Samuel Adams (yes like the beer) had all of the victims that died buried on his family plot I Granary Burying Ground. No matter the age, or race they all lay next to him there. Granary Burying Ground holds many hidden things. For example, John Handcock had a “servant” which means slave buried in is family plot this was not common at all.  As well as Ben Franklin not being buried there but his parents are. Furthermore that Paul Reveere has change and rocks left on his head stone and memorial as sign of respect.

On the note of Paul Reveere did you know that he’s the one featured on the Samuel Adams beer label? As mentioned above that he never actually completed the midnight ride. Paul Reveere was made famous by a poem that has some truth but not all of it is true. “The British are coming!” is one of the most famous “quotes” from Paul. He never actually said that because at that time it was still a British Colony and everyone was British!

Last Thoughts

Over all Boston was so good to me and I can’t wait to go back. Salem and a few other places are on my list when I get to visit next. Although I had no plan I was never lost. I don’t regret a thing! I hope this helped you and that you learned a little. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment.

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