Explore Prague : Must See Sights

Charles Bridge

Sunset on Charles Bridge Prague

Charles Bridge is a walking bridge that takes you across the Vltava river. Prague is a town of bridges and this is by far the most famous one. Although it gets very crowded it is beautiful. Early mornings before nine is a great time to go without large crowds. With big crowds comes a great place for tourist traps and pick pockets.  So be careful during the day when it is really crowded. There is a great view of the castle from the bridge at sunset. Totally worth it to see at least once.


Prague Castle

Hans trying to be a castle Guard!

Prague castle is huge and holds quite a few museums and St. Vitas cathedral and a beautiful garden. Even if you chose to forgo the museums walking around and seeing the history there is totally worth it. That being said it is one of the biggest castles in Europe. That being said there is a lot to see and I recommend planning on at least five or so hours there! There are some cute cafés throughout the castle as well!

Lennon Wall

Hans at the Lennon Wall

For anyone who is a fan of the Beatles, this is a must! Although it gets super crowded and is a huge tourist destination I highly recommend the visit; but urge you to go around early morning to avoid crowds and get better pictures! Something else that is fun is you can write or paint on the wall! I wrote on the wall with a paint marker and it worked so well!


Walking Tour

One of my favorite parts about traveling is learning about the city and the history behind it. Free walking tours are a fantastic way to do that. Living in Europe has taught me a lot about what world history in school in the states! Prague has so much fun and interesting history! Like the tradition of inviting people to dinner parties then throwing them out of windows! Another fun fact is that in Prague the Jewish district was the poorest in World War two is now the richest district and even holds a Hugo Boss store. Along with history from hundreds of years before that too! Discovery Tours were the company I went through and would recommend hopping in on one of their tours!



Hemingway Bar

A good old fashion!

By far this was my absolute favorite bar that I visited while in Prague. The staff was incredibly nice and friendly! Traveling alone to bars as a female can be scary and uncomfortable. Through traveling along and being super independent I have learned to love going to bars by myself! They helped me with places that I should see and things to do! Another great bonus of this bar was that they had my favorite American Whiskey! This bar also had some very old school and classic touches that I loved! Everyone should stop here for a drink!

Old Town Square

Prague's Astronomical Clock and Hans

Old Town Square is a must see in Prague! This is a lovely Square that has a lot of history inside of it. As well has been the home of the astronomical clock. While here this was one of my favorite places to get Czech street food and just enjoy people watching. Inside the square, you will find lots of street performers and at night lots of drunks. Around the square are many bars and restaurants. Also, the only building that was damaged in Prague during WW2 is in the old town square. It’s kind of hard not to go here but make sure you do!


 Astronomical clock

This is one of the biggest attractions in the city of Prague. Along with being one of the biggest attractions, it is the biggest disappointment in Prague as well. Every hour there is a clock show that hundreds of people come to watch. For the time period, the clock was built it was incredible and still is if you understand the how the clock works and what it tells you. That being said the clock show is not worth seeing any more than just visiting the clock any other time! While you are in Prague you should learn about and see the clock!


Overall, my trip to Prague was everything I had dreamed and more! For more on my trip look for my blog Prague Gets Personal which will be coming out soon!

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments below!

As always links will be below!

Hemmingway Bar:http://hemingwaybar.eu

Discover Tours: http://discover-prague.com

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