Living in Germany: Food

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love living in Germany! There is always an adventure awaiting. Constantly I am growing and learning new things; which I love doing. This is not about that; this is all about the food here in Germany! Let me know if you would like to see a blog about the must-try foods while here! Also just know that food could be a reason I want to stay here forever.

Typical Breakfast in Germany

Bread In Germany

Bread in Germany is something that is so hard to explain but honestly so incredible! First off it is always fresh! When buying bread, you don’t go to the grocery store and buy bread. Bakeries are huge in Germany and you could probably find one on any street corner. Along with bread always being fresh it is not white! White bread is the most common in America but not in Germany. Sure, you can still get white bread but rye bread is way more common which is nice because it is healthier for you. In Germany, the bakeries make the fresh bread every day and they also make some of the best pastries and cakes I have ever eaten!

 Pretzels In GermanyPretzels at a beer garden in Germany

One might think this would fall into the bread category but they are terribly wrong and never had German pretzels! They are like soft pretzels in the states but so much better! They come with all different toppings such as seeds, salt and pepper, salt, and so many others. Among having lots of choices for what kind of pretzel you want you also can choose what you want inside of them! That’s right you can get them in sandwich form or with a spread on them such as butter or brie cheese! Personally, my favorite is a salt and pepper pretzel with brie cheese.  There are even sweet options! Pretzels are also available all the time at every bakery; even in stands on the street! This is probably one of my favorite things to eat for a snack!

Produce In Germany

Now that we have had a carb overload let’s get into some of the fresh food here in Germany. Overall the food is often fresher and less processed than in America. For example, it is now fall time and I want to make pumpkin cupcakes/muffins; so, I go to the store. Once at the store I spent about 15 minutes walking around looking for canned pumpkin. Low and behold that is not a thing in Germany! That just shows you how much we process foods in America. Another fun fact that in Germany it is cheaper to buy healthy food and make it yourself than buying it already prepared! Germany also has a lot of farm stands when walking around the city at least in Nuremberg. Most days there is at least 3 farm stands that I pass with fresh and local produce! Having these stands is amazing and makes it easier to grab a healthy snack!

Cappuccino in Munich

Coffee and Cakes

One of my favorite things is coffee and cakes in the afternoon! Anyone who knows me knows I love a good coffee and adding cake only makes it better. It’s very typical that when meeting people in the morning or afternoon you will me them for coffee! Let’s start by getting something straight. Unless you go to Starbucks you are not going to find any of these crazy flavors like we have in America. Although you may find a few in some shops most often you will just get basic milk and coffee served many ways.  This is awesome because it really makes you appreciate the coffee!  Furthermore, the large coffee in America doesn’t typically exist here a large is about 16oz max. Being so close to Italy also has major perks! In stores buying good Italian coffee at a decent price is great! Germany also has some very good roasteries so there is no shortage of good coffee but I will always love Stump Town! Now onto cakes typically are different than cake in America but they are always made from scratch and taste amazing!

Beer Gardens

German beer garden food!

Bavaria, Germany is especially known for beer gardens or beirgarten. There are the best places to get German beer and food! Some of my favorites are obatzda and pretzel. Obatzda is a cheese ball with paprika and red onions and is so good! Schäufele mit Kloß is also a great rainy-day dish. The dish is roasted pork shoulder with potato dumplings usually served with sauerkraut or some type of cabbage. As if the food wasn’t enough to want to go here they also have some of the best beer and usually relatively cheap! During the summer, my favorite was the raddler; which is lemon soda and the house beer. Good food and good beer should be enough of a reason to go, right? But wait there’s more! Typically, in a beer garden, the atmosphere is incredible. Also, if you are a parent you can bring your children and they have play areas! Beer gardens allow the whole family to have a fun and relaxed time in a great place!


Germany has shown me so much about how we eat in America! Fresh over processed, quality over quantity are both things that are totally switched from America to Germany.  The time and effort you put into your food is time and effort you put into yourself and that is one thing I hated in the states! Grabbing a quick processed meal is so easy and cheap but is that how you treat something you care for? When you care for something you take time to make a meal and give it your best. So why don’t we do it to our own bodies? We only have one body so treat it as best as we can!

What are some of your favorite foods from other countries? Leave it in the comments below!

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