Oktoberfest: Oregon vs. Germany

Let’s get one thing straight Oktoberfest is in September. Originally it was the anniversary for a royal couple in October. Over time they realized that the weather was terrible so over years moved it forward September. Currently, the Oktoberfest lands on the 3rd weekend in September. With that sorted out let’s get to my background and how I went to the Oktoberfest growing up and in Germany.

Oktoberfest Oregon

Oregon Oktoberfest with Hans

In Mt. Angel Oregon, there is an annual Oktoberfest. The whole little town turns into the festival with 3 beer and wine tents, street food, merchant booths, and more. Food is one thing that I loved growing up.  Every year I would look forward to the German sausages and potato pancakes! Oktoberfest has always been one of my favorite fall activities. Hanging out with friends and eating all sorts of fried foods. German folk music is also often played through the streets of the town all weekend. Oregon Oktoberfest to me was more than just a place to drink it was a community event where everyone would come together and have a great time. Memories from Oktoberfest will be ones that last a lifetime!

Oktoberfest Germany


Welcome to the Oktoberfest sigh with Hans

After moving to Germany and only being about two hours from Munich. The original Oktoberfest was only a hop skip and a jump away so I had to go! Munich is a beautiful city located in the heart of Bavaria. Showgrounds are where the festival is held. Filled with food stands, beer tents, carnival rides, and souvenirs. Gingerbread hearts are a huge thing here and look adorable. Tourism is more common than locals to find here. In fact, I didn’t meet any Germans other than the workers. Beer tents are where you get the famous Oktoberfest beer. Tents are often crowded and hard to find a seat. Once you are inside you find a very lively group of people. There is no admission fee to get into the show grounds or beer tents. Although there is no fee it can be quite expensive to go. Never the less still an incredible time!


First things first let’s start with beer.  Size is a major difference. Germany serves by litters that’s right a litter of beer. Oregon, however, serves about 16oz cups. Price is a whole other ball game. Paying around 11 euros in Germany; whereas in Oregon I would pay around 6-7 dollars. Oregon also doesn’t do a cash exchange at the tap you must buy tokens and use the tokens to get your beer. Also in the US, you go to the tap and in Germany, you get table service. Next up is the actual glasses or lack thereof. Germany serves beer in actual glass litter mugs. However, Oregon serves in clear plastic cups.  Everything down to the taste is different between the two! Both have good beer and great people though.


Bavaria is known for some incredible food, especially in beer gardens. Some of the best food I have eaten in Germany was in beer gardens. The food at Oktoberfest was no exception, there was a lot more food that you would find at a fair in the states but German. Meaning pretzels brotchen and bratwurst. You can also find some very Bavarian dishes as well! When in Oregon you will find more American fair food such as fried everything! Within all the traditional fair food you will find some German food such as bratwurst and potato pancakes! Personally, I love food and really enjoy exploring all the different options at both Oktoberfest!


Oktoberfest beer tent

Two Oktoberfest, two completely different experiences! Same name but probably should have different ones. Don’t get it wrong both are incredible and great experiences! As far as differences go there are quite a few. Each is incredible in its own way. They both have very fantastic things about them and some not so great things. However, there are two sides to every coin and each situation has different perspective these are mine.

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