American “Dream” or American Lie

Let me start off with I loved being American while in America. This will upset people including friends and family. However, this is my blog and my life. So, here’s my opinion! The American “Dream” is a huge lie!


Often you hear “America is the land of the free.” News flash there are 92 free counties in the world to date. Also in those other 91 countries, you can have a beer at 18 some as young as 16 like Germany! At one point in history, it was the land of the free but that was a time of dictators and wars. People came to the USA to be freed from oppression. Now, all we try to do is oppress people. Trying to silence those who have a voice and speak out. That’s what Hitler did and we all know what happened. America is getting into dangerous territory, but if you speak out you’re a snowflake.


Dr. Seuss quote that as an American you should know!

In the USA you hear the term “snowflake” if someone gets upset about a situation. The term snowflake is used very often towards liberals saying they are delicate.  Most of the time this is used as a derogatory term from Republicans to liberals. Republicans like to use it when someone stands up for something or are upset about something. Some people do get offended way too often, but standing up for something you believe is wrong does not make you delicate! When you stand up for injustice being done to other humans that makes you compassionate.  One of my favorite quotes is by Dr. Seuss “A person is a person no matter how small.” It doesn’t say race, gender, or any other describing factors, other than being a person.

World Knowledge

Growing up in America you are taught “world history” but actually knowing very little about world cultures, history, or current events. Did you know Germany just had a major election? Probably not because had I still lived in Portland I wouldn’t have. Citizens not only don’t know but don’t care because “America is the greatest”.  We should care about world politics. There are 206 countries in the world and the USA is just one of those. Americans need to realize that other cultures and countries are important. Maybe then we could be a little more accepting and less oppressive.

American Wake Up Call

Living abroad has changed my views in so many ways and as I said, in the beginning, I loved being American living in American. Living abroad I hate it are often hate telling people where I am from and when I do I specify my state and city because of the stigma around Americans. If you ask me there is no “dream” in America anymore there are just lies.

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