Getting Personal In Prague


August 2017 a four-day trip to Prague ensued, and what a fantastic four days it was! From historical tours to self-guided pub crawls. This trip contained such wonderful memories both solo and with new friends!

Day One: Getting Lost in Prague


Travel around Europe is incredible and with a short bus ride, I arrived in Prague from Germany. After getting settled into my hostel I made my way into the center.  I walked around the old town square and got “lost” in this incredible city.  Hemingway bar was by far my favorite stop of the day! The staff was great and so kind. For sunset, I made the brave move to visit Charles Bridge at sunset.  (Wake up and go for sunrise. It’s less crowded and just as beautiful!) This is the day that was the first time I was turned away from a club. To be fair it was a gay club but there was nothing that stated that on the outside in my defense!

Day Two: Finding Friends!

Exploring near the Prague Castle

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love free walking tours and they have them in a lot of major cities around Europe. These tours give you a good range of the city’s history and things you should do while there.  On this tour, I met two British guys, 2 Swedish girls, and a French man! After the tour ended we all decided to grab lunch together. Well, the British guys thought they were at the same hostel as the Swedish girls… well, it turns out that they weren’t…

So, we all invaded their hostel room with a case of beer and met their roommate from Australia, and another from Denmark. As well as another American girl. Americans are stereotypically known to be loud. This became very true.  As the day progressed we went through the day and into the night we drank a few more cases of beer and played never have I ever. Then after returning the last bottles, we bought the cheapest vodka and juice we could find and went out into the city to explore the nightlife.


Day Three: R&R

This was the day it rained and I was glad! Sometimes the rain is a blessing because there was this amazing Pho place right by my hostel and I probably wouldn’t have found it had there been no rain! So, I worked on my blog and read and just relaxed listening to the rain!

Wrote on the Lennon Wall

Day Four: Find Me at the Prague Castle

For those of you who know me, you know that I love castles so this may have been my favorite day of Prague because I got to explore the castle. Only downfall was I was with the two British guys mentioned above and they bantered the whole time.  It was so much fun to walk around and see the castle though! After exploring the castle, a bit, the Brits and I split ways and I went to the Lennon wall. Yes, as in John Lennon! After the wall, I went to a bar and then went to pack and leave early the next morning!


Prague is a beautiful city. Rich with culture and history yet so young and lively! I would definitely recommend making a trip here at least once in your life!


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