Manchester Must See Sights

John Ryland’s Library

As a lover of history and literature naturally a historic library would be my first stop.  John Ryland’s is an old historic building with an incredible exhibition called “The Acholmy of Colour” Lots of cool little reading nooks and paces to escape the bustling city for a brief time. Though this building is historic there is lots of life left in it. I loved my visit here and wished I would have had more time to spend here but with only two days to explore I had to make room to see other things. Next time I go to Manchester I will be excited to explore more.

Central Library

Great archives on the history of Manchester represented in a functional multimedia experience. They also have people who help find ancestries during certain times of the week which was interesting.  Getting to look at the history of this city was fun. I personally love history and enjoyed my time in the library.  There is a film center as well as many different exhibits on different parts of Manchester history.

Manchester Art Gallery

Loads of great galleries and exhibitions from 18th-century art to present day spread out between three levels you could easily get lost here for hours. It is free to enter but they do take donations to help the gallery. Other ways to help the gallery are buying things at the gift shop or having breakfast in their café.

South Asian design was my favorite they had many different south Asian cultures represented an explained what each piece was made from and for. They also had other artwork from Southern Asia which was just as breathtaking as the cultural outfits that were on display.

North District

If you like art or want to be hipster in any way this is the part of town you want to visit. Filled with a full art culture and tea shops just out of the center you find the North District. There are certain things that you are supposed to do in the places to do them; in England, it is to get afternoon tea. I did just that I went to North Tea Power had a “spot” of tea.  I had one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve ever tasted! The staff was nice and incredibly friendly. The street art throughout this area was gorgeous. I loved the overall feel of this part of Manchester


Though there are many places that I did not get the chance to explore during my time in Manchester I really enjoyed my trip here overall. except for the airport. Manchester was my least favorite airport ever and if at all possible I will. Other than that the public transportation. Manchester center had three free bus lines which is awesome for traveling on a budget.

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