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Making a blog with coffee and inspirational quotes

My flight home from abroad coming up on hood

The Move Home

As most of you know I spent a year aboard as an AuPair. That experience and opportunity was one thing I will always think fondly of and be grateful for. More post on that will follow. but this is not for that. Moving home was probably harder on me than my move abroad. The trip home seemed to last so much longer. Traveling for 35 hours straight I was exhausted by the time I hit PDX. Excitement to see my friends and surprise my mom gave me a second wind to get through the day. Getting home was the easiest part of the move. The day after I got home I went on a 4-day camping trip with my entire family. Coming home from camping was hard. For the first time since I was 18, I had no job and no idea what I wanted to do.


Figuring Out Myself

After living abroad for a year and experiencing childcare from another perspective I knew I didn’t want to work in the education and Enjoying a coffee in New Yorkchildcare system we have in the USA. So without falling back on that what did I want to do? So I applied to coffee shops, retail jobs, entry-level office positions. Luckily I had saved some tax money so I didn’t need to take the first job that accepted me. I even started going to school for my Bachelors online. Shortly after being accepted into the school I found a job at a Lingerie boutique working part-time.

Two months after starting there I became the assistant manager and was working full time and was going to school full time. Once the term ended I chose to put school on hold because I had no time for anything other than school and work. Starting school was supposed to help me with skills for my blog when it was actually taking away time from the blog.

Where I am Now

Currently, I am enjoying the spring and summer beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Still working full time as an assistant manager I love my job. Getting friends who motivate me to improve and are genuine is always the hardest part of moving even if it’s just different cities! Tons of fun things are happening this summer so keep up today in my adventures even if I’m not traveling around the world I am still Thurston for adventure!

This Blog Future

There are still blogs to be posted about past adventures and travel related post. However, more local adventures and lifestyle post will be coming as well! Such as fun hikes what to do in cities in Oregon and activities that you can do here. I’ll also be finishing my McMenamins Passport. A trip to NYC happened in October and I have been exploring around Oregon.

Updates will be coming to my blog not only in posts but even in design and layout. So stay tuned for all the adventure ahead!



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