Dublin Must See Sights

Dublin Spire

Dublin Spire

Missing the Spire from most of Dublin is almost impossible. It’s a tall metal statue; knowing where it is in the context of where you are staying is extremely helpful when choosing to indulge in the colorful nightlife Dublin has to offer. The Spire is supposed to symbolize bridging technology and art. Aside from it is a sight to see in Dublin for me, it will hold a special place because this is where I met up with my friend Ellie. She’s incredible and owns her own business! After both of us moving abroad and not seeing others for over a year. Seriously the Spire is cool but she’s way cooler.

Ha’penny Bridge

Ha’penny Bridge is a pedestrian-only bridge that stretches over the Liffey River in the center of Dublin! The name became Ha’penny because the toll of the bridge used was a halfpenny. During busy times it can be extremely crowded so if you are wanting to get that perfect Instagram picture I recommend going early in the morning or in the evening.

Temple Bar

Temple bar is a misleading name not only is it a bar.  It’s an entire street/area of pubs in Dublin’s downtown. Temple Bar (the pub) is a lively bar with live music. While there they played a mix of Irish folk music and mainstream songs! Everyone was friendly and dancing. I highly recommend grabbing an Irish red ale here!

Guinness Storehouse

If you enjoy beer and good views I highly recommend visiting the Storehouse! Walking threw you learn about the process and history behind Guinness. With levels of gift shops and restaurants, you could easily spend a whole day there! Upon purchase, you get one free beer which you can choose to use to learn the perfect pour or at the sky bar! I paid extra to do both and glad I did! Sky bar offers a brew with a view that is gorgeous! If you can’t do both I recommend doing the sky bar.



St.Stephen’s GreenSt Stephen's Green

What’s a better way to see a cities culture except to take a morning walk in one of their parks. My last morning in Dublin was to spend getting coffee and walking around St. Stephen’s Green with Ellie! We sat and drank coffee and ate delicious croissants. Lots of shrubbery and ponds make for a perfect place to escape the city feel; offering a lovely start to a travel day!



Dublin Over?

Too much of a pun? No, okay let’s wrap this up. Dublin was a great city and it was so much fun to explore even if it was only partially solo travel! Meeting up with Ellie was great and I loved being able to go karaoke and get chips on the walk home! I highly recommend putting Dublin on your list of places to visit!

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