Being A Bangs Ambassador

Salem waterfront park

At the beginning of 2019, I became a brand ambassador for a company called Bangs Shoes. I found them threw a fellow traveler and fell in love with their story and mission! They not only help connect people from all over the world but they also help entrepreneurs start their own businesses.

Ambassador Requirments

standing by the river.

As an ambassador for bangs each month we post a photo on the theme of the shoes or any of their other items that say Bangs. Having themes means it allows people to push themselves out of their comfort zone and trying new things! One thing I love is that they allow all ambassadors to be creative with their photos, as well as some people, make art with or about the shoes.


Bangs Benefits

Let’s talk about what bangs ambassadors perks are. First off there are ambassador discounts which can only be used for yourself but they also have friends and family code you can give to your loved ones which are awesome! Also having an amazing online community to connect with and even local meetups in almost all 50 states! We also get to hear all the stories of the entrepreneurs that they help. Not to mention the shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and they are perfect for day to day as well as hiking and adventures of any kind!


ExtrasStopped for a quick rest at Silver Falls

As an ambassador, you get this awesome online community where you can get in touch with people locally or internationally. If you want to get into yoga you can find a whole subgroup just about yoga and subgroups for most things are available. They also do Bangs ambassadors exclusive giveaways. Ambassadors also have their own private Instagram for announcements and other things.


Always watch for when they are accepting applications being an ambassador has been such a wonderful experience. It has helped me grow in my adventures and test my photography skills. I will continue to be an ambassador for as long as I can!

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