Why Become a Sex Educator

Since I moved home from Germany I have changed life paths quite a bit. From thinking I was gonna stay single to in a relationship. From wanting to never stay in one place too long to set down roots. My career and this blog were no different. You can read my latest post about going from a preschool teacher to working at a porn store. At the end of it, I announced that I am starting the journey to becoming a sex educator and here’s why.

What is a Sex Educator

Let us take a moment to talk about what exactly a sex educator is. From Kinkly.com this is the definition of a sex educator “A sex educator is any person who helps others learn about sexuality. This could include sexual health and wellness, sexually transmitted infections, pleasure anatomy, reproductive anatomy, sex techniques, response, emotions, desires, and communication techniques.” Kinkly.com is a good site to check out if you have questions about sex.

Making the Decision

Since working in the porn store I have noticed that the part I love most is helping people. I love teaching people about sex and everything to do with it. Along with that, I help them be their authentic selves! Having read books, and articles about sex and everything to do with it so I have a great starting place. Amidst all of the CoVid-19 happening, we had to close down for now and that’s what made me take the leap to rebrand. I did some research on courses and materials. The more I looked into it the more my passion grew so I took a few days and changed my blog from the headers to colors and everything in between.

Where to Start

Sex books and coffee!

To get started I am reading a lot more sex-related and sex-positive content. Also, sex positivity is not saying everyone should sleep around and be reckless. Sex-positivity is saying that everyone deserves to explore their sexuality and sexual side. I will be enrolling in courses and furthering my knowledge. Listening to podcasts and following successful sex educators has been a huge help in letting me know it is possible if I want to work for it! It may mean going back to get a degree but for now, it looks like a ton of research from home!

Come along this journey with me and lets become our most authentic selves together! Stay healthy, stay positive, and don’t be an asshole!

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