My Favorite Subscriptions Here’s Why

Every day we see so many ads for different subscriptions online. We have all tried at least one maybe a few and maybe too many. For some people they are wasteful but I say there’s a subscription for everything and everyone! From coffee and wine to make up and outdoors every passion has a box! Here are my 3 favorite subscriptions and why.

What's in my imperfect produce subscription!

Imperfect Produce

Imperfect is a produce box that you get delivered to your door. This box helps fight food waste by using products that would normally go to waste because a grocery store would reject them for some imperfection however slight it may be. They have organic options as well as vegan and meat options from time to time. Most of the produce is seasonal so keep that in mind. When I started I got the medium box every other week, but have switched to the small box weekly and it works extremely well for me.  The few times that I have had to contact customer service it was prompt they were helpful and kind! If you like fighting food waste and fresh produce delivered to your door I highly recommend checking Imperfect out!

SkillShare Subscriptions

Especially with everything going on filling up our time with helpful activities can be hard and I am so glad I have my skillshare to get me threw this! Skillshare subscription is an online site where you can take classes on a variety of things. Personally, photography, writing, and leadership are my favorite areas to get classes from but there are so many areas that have classes.  Currently, there are two free months which is such a great way to grow in this time of quarantine!

Summer Fab Fit Fun Box

Fab Fit Fun Box 

While in Germany I learned about FFF ( Fab Fit Fun) unfortunately at the time it was USA shipping only. Well, once I moved back and got more settled one of the first things I got was my FFF subscription. Every season there is a new box so it’s not monthly. Each time it has been packed with goodies with values way higher than the cost. There have been very few items that I have not used or that I have given away because I didn’t like them or was to pale for them since I am pretty much a ghost! Overall from the customer service and communication I love my FFF subscription an don’t plan on canceling any time soon!

Why Subscriptions

You may wonder why I would choose a subscription over just buying the product or service once. For Imperfect I love helping prevent food waste and it’s usually less expensive than shopping in a store. Plus there’s usually virtually nothing wrong with it, sometimes a bruise or grew on a vine but usually just normal produce! I have never found a site like SkillShare and I love that it is any, which means you are learning from people doing what you want to be doing which I enjoy. Lastly FFF, each box is something new and exciting usually with things such as face masks and wine glasses which makes self-care even easier which I love! Stay positive, stay healthy and don’t be an asshole!

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