Why Sex Shouldn’t Be Taboo

Growing up sex was something that was never talked about. When it was it was usually threw media in movies like Mean Girls or sex ed threw school. Both of these basically say sex is bad and we should stay away from it not how to go about it safely and actually educate on it but more on that later. By no means am I an expert but I do work in a boutique sex shop and used to be a teacher. As well as having lived aboard and in the USA seeing the differences in how sex is viewed was mind-blowing.


Sex in Media

Every girl who has seen Mean Girls knows the quote “If you have sex you will get pregnant and die”. This is a great thing to teach our teenagers. Yet we over sexualize everything like burger commercials.  Guidelines for sexual ratings in movies and TV is that sex scenes are excluded from G rated.  So we can show sexual things as long as we tell parents to see if they feel like it’s okay. On the other hand, we say it’s bad and you shouldn’t do it.   Not to mention tv and commercials sexualize women then saying breastfeeding in public is bad. Causing inconsistencies in the info we are giving.

Trojan condoms.

Problems with Sex-Ed

In Oregon, it is in the law about sex education to promote absences. Yes, that is the only way to 100% prevents the spread of STD’s but 1 in 5 women have experienced sexual abuse. Being that sex and intimacy are part of human nature saying that absence is the right or only way to be safe causes a sense of fear or shame around anything but that. Not to mention the religious aspect that a lot of the USA is influenced by.


Why it Shouldn’t be Taboo

First off it is part of human nature, after all, it’s how we reproduce (not that everyone has too)! It also has proven to have benefits for health both mentally and physically! By destigmatizing absence, it will help end the stereotypes around those who may have not gotten the choice to be absent or who may be made a bad choice which we all do at times. There are ways to teach safety and responsibility without saying don’t do it and if you do it’s bad your gonna get sick etc. Such as these are the consequences and here’s why we wait or why it’s something for adults. Sex is human nature we don’t need to shame it or make it taboo we need to educate about it!

If you have a different point of view that’s fine too we can have a lovely discussion but it will be civil. Everyone deserves to have their opinions and beliefs but that doesn’t give you a right to be an asshole. So stay positive and stay healthy!


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