All Things Lube : The Basics

From working in a sex shop one of the most important most commonly downplayed items is lube! Lube comes in many varieties from the ingredients to the amount and purpose. In this post, we are just going to be covering the basics! Brands in the sex industry very just like any other industry ones that are great prices and ones that go above and beyond in making the best lubes they can. There is a lot that can set lubes apart but we are going to be going over water-based, hybrids and silicone lubes!


A lot of the time when you are looking for a lube you will either choose a water-based on price or it’s compatibility with toys and condoms.  There are a ton of brands out there so how do you choose? Looking at ingredients or asking for recommendations is going to be the most beneficial. Women can be extremely sensitive to glycerin and other ingredients that are common in lubricants.

Water is going to be some of the more natural lubricants some use aloe or other natural preservatives solely from plants. Waterslide is one of the most basic lubes out there with only 4 ingredients it’s great if you are ultra-sensitive or like thinner lubes! System Jo and Sensuva are also two incredibly popular brands that make great water-based lubes. Water absorbed threw the skin while other types of lube may not so it won’t last as long as something like silicon-based.


Unlike water silicone can’t absorb into the skin and or tissue-like water does so what does that mean? It’s going to last longer with fewer re-applications. Quality of silicone lubes can vary with brands like Uber and Wicked doing formulas with 4 and 2 ingredients. Personally I love Uber lube and use it on my tattoos, face, and hair as well! Some silicones can feel greasy because they sit on the skin don’t come off easily with water which makes them great for shower sex! Because anyone who has had shower sex knows water is not wet! Although they are great for a lot,  silicone lubricants are not the best for toys or condoms. That brings us to hybrid lube.

Hybrid Lube

Having covered silicone and waterbased let’s talk about hybrids. Hybrids come in a few different types. Some are oil and water while others are silicon and water.  Not all hybrids are created equal some are compatible with toys and condoms which makes them the best of both worlds. The long-lasting slickness of silicone with the compatibility of water. They come in all thicknesses and ranges of ratios. Sensuva does a great hybrid that is not super thick and it has options with stimulants in cooling and warming.  Most companies that make more than one type of lube will have a hybrid option as well! Hybrid lube is a great option if you are wanting a lube that is versatile and good for a little bit of all sex types.


It may take some time to get down which lube you like or lubes because like with all things sex. Figuring out what you like for your body and in the bedroom (or where ever….) it can take some time. Don’t give up it’s out there and the right lube will only enhance your experience! Stay healthy, stay positive, and don’t be an asshole!

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