Dealing with Toxic People

As life happens we meet lots of people some of them incredible or so they seem. We have all dealt with people who aren’t good for us and even toxic. So how do you handle things when you have a toxic person in your life? I am not a therapist or clinically trained, but here are some tips that help me!

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Start Separating From Toxic People

Once you realize someone is toxic in your life starting to set boundaries can be hard but it’s necessary. Say someone is trying to control what you wear like one of my ex’s. Setting the boundary that they aren’t the one who decides what I wear was extremely important to me. Start to take back small parts at first until you feel that it’s safe to leave and cut them out. Setting boundaries like needing time alone and not allowing them access to your phone may cause tension but is necessary. You do not owe these people anything no matter what you deserve to be safe and happy.

Interacting with Toxic People

A lot of the time with toxic people we are going to have interactions with them in one way or another whether they are family or a co-worker because they have probably placed themselves in many aspects of your life. After setting some boundaries where do you go? It may be a good idea to not let them into personal parts of your life, the less information they have the better.  Even if they are family you don’t have to feed into them but that doesn’t mean that you need to be rude and disrespectful. Just be neutral because fighting fire with fire never ends well! Just don’t engage with them and don’t feed into their toxic behavior.


 Surround Yourself with PositivitySelfcare bubble bath to help deal with toxic people

Unfortunately, toxic people are going to come into our lives. Noticing red flags early one can be tough but with self-care and people who support and care about you, it’s a bit easier to navigate. Getting a great group of positive friends is one of the best ways to deal with toxic people. It took a lot for me to learn to love myself (blog coming later) and that is a huge part of me learning to deal with those who were toxic to my happiness. Some are family and I don’t hate them I just don’t choose to interact.

Anyway, that’s how I deal with the toxic people in my life how do you? Stay healthy, stay positive, and don’t be an asshole!

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