Female Pleasure : The Basics

We always hear and read things about men’s health and pleasure and its okay to talk about it. So why not women? We are going to go over the basics of female pleasure. Keep in mind all women are different and as with all things sex, you are going to have to experiment a little bit to find what works for you or a partner!

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Foreplay for Pleasure

The myth that women don’t like or desire sex is just that a myth. Many women love sex and may even have higher drives than some men, however, a lot of women need or desire foreplay! Find the areas that when you caress or kiss them make her sigh or lean into you. Lots of women enjoy their neck kissed or when you hug them from behind. With some, it may be an innocent shoulder rub or your fingers in her hair. Because sex is a personal preference you are going to have to ask or experiment with their consent of course. Make outs are great they should still happen. Never underestimate the power of passionate kisses, holding the neck and rubbing the inner thighs. After all, you’re most likely stuck at home right now may as well have some fun!

Getting Hot and HeavyFemale clitoral stimulants

Now that you have for lack of a better saying preheated the oven where do you go? Most women need more than just internal stimulation for orgasm/ climax. Clitoral simulations is something many women want or need for orgasm. Zones such as nipples and g-spots are also great areas to stimulate. One way to find the spots you or your partner enjoy is to talk to them! Just like any relationship communication is key in sex and satisfaction.  Exploring your body or your partner’s body is going to be key to finding out what exactly gives them pleasure and which area is going to give them the most pleasure. Take notes when you do things and whether you or your partner like it.

More for Female Pleasure

So we have talked about area’s to stimulate now let’s look at how you are stimulating them. Adding lube will only help stimulate areas and there are even lubricants with stimulating ingredients to them! Using toys can be a great addition to sexy time; even possibly as another set of hands. When exploring female pleasure try different motions, levels of pressure being applied, even the direction of the motion could change how you or your partner feel!

Sex is all going to be personal preference just like some people like coffee or tea  some people will really enjoy coffee while others really don’t enjoy it. For all my ladies explore your body you’re going to have it for a while! Partners communicate and take time to pleasure your lady. Sex is fun and should be enjoyed by all you just has to find what works for you or your partner! Stay healthy, stay positive and don’t be an asshole.

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