Northern Ireland and Belfast : My Adventures

Across the Carrick-a-Rede Rope bridge

Before moving home from Germany I took a week-long trip to the UK and Ireland. The posts on  Dublin and Manchester are already up! After meeting Ellie in Dublin we headed north to her Home in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Here is where I spent the rest of my trip! Thankfully it was the few rare days in Ireland that were sunny!

Northern Ireland Coastline

One of the days we took a trip up to the coast and saw some of the sights along the way! Carrick- a- Rede rope bridge was one of the most breathtaking sights! thankfully I went when it was all open and we could sit on the and just enjoy the view! Next, we went to Dark Hedge which is made famous from GOT, although I had not watched GOT at the time it was still incredible to see and enjoy the moments together with friends. We also stopped by the Giant’s Causeway. The view was stunning and learning about the stories that come along with it was a blast! Watching the waves crash against the sore was stunning!

Donation based coffee shopBelfast Shenanigans

We spent a night out in Belfast going to pubs with live music and fantastic beer. We also went to more of a club bar as well as finding a bar to do Karaoke and spend the night dancing away. One of my favorite things about our night out was all the pubs having live music and such a homey feel even being packed! People love to dress up fancy for nights out so keep that in mind if you are traveling!

Not only did we explore the nightlife of Belfast we also spent the day exploring. There was an event going on that brought out a ton of street performances. We got coffee at one of the coolest shops where you don’t actually pay for coffee but it’s entirely donation based.  We went to a few pubs for some day drinking and they were cute with lots of outdoor seating and great live music.


The best part of my trip was seeing Ellie and getting to catch up. There is so much beauty in  Northern Ireland it couldn’t all fit in one trip but we sure tried! It only rained my last day and I was so lucky to get the few days of summer they get. Hope you enjoyed reading about my adventure to Northern Ireland. Stay healthy, stay positive, and don’t be an asshole.

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