Portland’s Naked Bike Ride

By far one of the most “Portland” things I have done is the naked bike ride. Not everyone rides for the same reason but there is one common theme everyone is some form of naked. The naked bike ride is one of Portland’s most know Events and many look forward to it. Other’s show their support and cheer everyone on when sending riders off and along the sidelines. General consensus for the protest is oil dependency, however, people do it for lots of different reasons. Now let’s talk about my experience doing it for the first time.

Blurry photo of me and a friend pre-ridePreparation

This is one area that I would definitely need to work on more for next time. First of all, do some bike riding beforehand. Take some time the weeks/months before to train your body and get used to longer bike rides. Also if you have a little more to love or struggle with chub rub bring something to help with that! Make sure you have plenty of water. I took my camelback and additional water bottles and had just enough. Bring some snacks but don’t eat a huge meal right beforehand it’s a lot of physical activity. Do plan for a good amount of food afterward. Most of all plan to see some naked bodies and just hang out before as things are getting started and the ride begins.

Before Getting Naked

It’s a good idea to get there beforehand to make sure you’ve gone to the bathroom and are ready for take-off. People are also gathering and playing music just having a great time before the ride.  Bodypaint and glitter are getting applied and people are preparing for the ride ahead. Each year the route changes some years it’s longer than others and threw different parts of Portland. There are a ton of people so if you are introverted make sure you save up some mental space and energy for being there if you want to participate.

Get Naked and Go

Once it gets closer to the go time everyone who isn’t already naked strips down. Everyone starts getting ready and heads to line up. People start the ride in waves so that going around corners and such are a bit easier and limit walking or stopping. The route is released typically that day and for the most part, you meet at the starting location and basically follow the leader. You meet a lot of cool people along the way and it’s a great opportunity to talk with others and grow your perspective.


My advice is to get a group of friends or alone if you prefer. As well as be open to meeting and talking to new people. Also plan to have a great time and enjoy the ride! I was so thankful to get to experience it and participate in the ride! Have you ever done the naked bike ride? Either way, stay healthy, stay positive, and don’t be an asshole!

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