Sex Toys: The Basics

There are sex toys for everything and everyone. We will not be referring to gender when talking about what we are stimulating to include everyone. So using the anatomical words to describe the body part such as penis or vagina. If those offend you please stop here. We will talk a little about anal toys but not much into detail as I will do a Backdoor Basics post soon. The number of sex toys on the market is incredible. There is one for everyone and everywhere. Let’s get into it.

Evolved toys in a bunch

Toys for Vagina Owners

Most of us with vaginas get stimulated in two ways external and internal. There are toys for both as well as ones that combine both into one toy! For clitoral stimulation, there are so many options out there from a basic bullet style to tongue like toys, body wands, and the womanizer. Later we will go over specific of each area but for now, let’s focus on the basics. Internal stimulation could be achieved in a number of ways. G-spot stimulation usually works best with a frim toy, vibration, or rocking motions. There are also ones that are ribbed or have parts that move to stimulate the walls of the vagina.

Since we have talked about stimulating both separately let’s talk about toys that stimulate them together! Most widely known as rabbits these are toys with internal and external stimulation. There are so many variations on rabbits. Ones that don’t vibrate at all thrusting toys, rotating, and even ones that have suction or womanizers for the clitoral piece. Some that you can control how much contact the clitoral piece has and some that make it really hard to break that contact. Some are just simple vibrators that are flexible and just vibrate no bells or whistles. No matter what you want there is something for anyone with a vagina.

Toys for Penis and Prostate Ownerswevibe vector for prostate stimulation

Unfortunately, these are just starting to become more high tech like the toys for vaginas. Traditionally it mainly just stroked that stimulate the penis in the form of vaginas. Now there are once that vibrate, ones that don’t look realistic at all, and even full-size dolls. I typically recommend a male toy that is silicone or if it is the realistic skin finding one that is in a case to help prevent the oils on your hand eating at the material of the toy.

Aside from strokers to stimulate the penis there are prostate toys. Most prostate toys are going to be inserted into the anus.  Slightly curved and not very long is ideal most of my customers seem to find ones with remotes helpful. There are many different varieties of prostate toys ones that do internal and external (perineum) stimulation at the same time. Others that don’t vibrate at all and just add pressure. Lastly stepping into the BDSM/ KINK side of things there is sounding these are rods inserted into the urethra that stimulate the prostate directly. Some rods have texture some even vibrate. Please do your research on this before partaking. You can never use too much lube and if you would like a post about that please comment.

The Rest

As far a the back door goes there will be a whole post on that late but for now, here are a few tips. When using the backdoor you want to make sure that the base of the toy is bigger than the body or neck of the toy if it tapers at the base.  There is never too much lube in any form of sexual activity but this especially goes for anal and sounding because those areas don’t self lubricate. No matter how you identify or what body parts you are stimulating there is a toy for everything if that’s what you and partner(s) desire. So stay healthy, stay positive, and don’t be an asshole.

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