Masturbation Can Be Mutual

Everyone has heard the term masturbation. The first time ever really hearing it and understanding it for me was in Rent. You heard me the musical Rent. However, we aren’t here for musicals we are here for sex and specifically sex with yourself and your partner with themselves together. Masturbation can be a great way to learn what types of pleasure you like. As stated previously sex is all personal preference just like food so you are going to try things. Start by being comfortable masturbating solo (post to come). Then have a conversation with your partner about it figure out any limits you may have and if you feel like you need it use safe words. This can be different for every person and situation even and that’s okay.

Benefits of Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation can have a variety of benefits if you let it.  For you and your partner(s), it may be part of you breaking taboos. By taking control of your own climax it can actually take the pressure off of your partner. When you focus on what exactly works for you and your partner(s) on them you take the pressure off each other while you both get to orgasm and enjoy it to the fullest. Another benefit is that it can bring even more intimacy for some. When you participate in mutual masturbation you learn what your partner(s) like and what works really well for them. Of course, it will most likely be a bit different when you do some of the actions but at least take note of the places they touch and movements they make there. You may have to be more vulnerable a lot of people keep their sex life and especially masturbation habits very private even from a significant other.  Shouldn’t we be excited that our partner(s) orgasmed even without us? Because I am; many studies have proven that orgasms are good for you in many ways.

No Contact?

Like in the opening, communication with all participating parties in mutual masturbation is going to be key. Everyone is different and may need different things some may love the idea of pleasing themselves and still touching kissing. Others may not enjoy that; you may even want to go from masturbation to sex and that’s okay as long as everything is consensual. Communication is going to be a major player in any type of sexual activity and honestly any relationship in general. Kissing and caresses don’t mean you are now responsible for their orgasm.

Figure out what works for you and what you may want to try. Mutual masturbation can bring intimacy and vulnerability into a relationship. Taking charge and responsibility can bring you and your partner(s)  together and even better orgasms. Sex doesn’t have to be lonely even when you masturbate. So break those boundaries and masturbate solo or mutually with a partner! Stay healthy, stay positive, and don’t be an asshole.

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