What is Kinky?

Working at a sex shop I get to see a wide variety of how people view and what they think about sex in general. However we are going to be focusing on what is kinky. First we are going to go with a generic definition I found on Urban dictionary ” Something relating to, having, or appealing to unconventional tastes especially in sex.” My personal definition is kinky is whatever you think it is. Why? Because we all have to start somewhere and it can change later on as you grow. Fifty Shades didn’t come up with the term fifty shades of grey. The kink community is like the shades of grey. There’s a lot of them and they are all a little different.

Different Definitions

Sex is all personal preference. Everyone and everybody is different so your perspective will be different. That’s why kinky is what you think it is.  To get a basis I also asked friends and my Instagram followers. One person I asked said using lubricants is, another sad heavy BDSM is what they consider kinky. Someone said that adding more than two people and others said adding a sex toy is. Honestly does the definition really matter? Kink is not going to be for everyone just like all sexual activities. But if it’s for you let’s learn about it.

Getting Kinky

Releasing control can be very liberating but should always be done with someone you trust! When venturing into the kinky side of things consent is key! As well as communication.  Safewords are a great way to make sure throughout activity everyone is safe as well. Safewords can be whatever you want some people use fruit, animals and so much more. Others use a basic red for stop, yellow for slow down, and green for go set of safe words. Now that we talked about consent and safewords; let us dip our toes in. We are going to start with light BDSM past basic vibrators and stimulants. Kink could be sensory play with warming and cooling, soft touches, blindfolds, even in a sensual way. Restraints can also be a great addition to the bedroom. You can pair any of these together that you and your partner(s) want to. After restraints lets venture into impact play.  This can be as simple as just using your hand, first always start lighter than you think you may need to it’s much easier to increase sensation than to push too far to fast.

For now we are going to leave what kinky is here. There will be much more on a variety of subjects coming up. More on bondage, toys, and all things sex. If there is anything that you want to hear about please feel free to comment or contact me. Until then stay healthy, stay positive, and don’t be an asshole!



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