Masturbation : Self-love

Masturbation is likely a lot of people’s first sexual experience. It is NOT something you should be scared to do or ashamed of doing. One of the best things about masturbation is that you get to learn what you like and what works for you. Like I have stated time and time again sex is all personal preference. It is key to find out what you like so that you can enjoy sex to its fullest! Masturbation can also play a huge roll in your self-love journey.

Health Benefits

That’s right I said there are health benefits to masturbating. Studies have linked to sexual health along with other areas of health. Masturbating can improve moods and help relieve stress. People masturbate to help with mental health and relieve stress that happens in the world around us daily. Enhancing sleep is another benefit, maybe deeper or even longer if you have trouble sleeping. So not only will it help your mental but also physical health when you masturbate. The only question is why aren’t we doing it more.

Masturbation Routine

You may wonder what I mean by masturbation routine and I’m going to explain it.  Adding masturbation into your routine is a great way to make it a habit. Need help sleeping? Some find it a great way to relax and it can aid sleep. Others may enjoy starting the day with it. It may sound odd but masturbation can help with your sex drive.  This is because when you orgasm the chemical release in your brain is massive meaning the more you will one to do it. As well as it allows you to learn what you like and want to reach orgasm by yourself or with a partner.


Masturbation can be such an important part of your self-love journey. It can also bring a lot of benefits into your life including mental and physical ones. It’s not something to be ashamed of and I am a huge advocate for making it part of your regular life. If you have questions or need help feel free to comment or set up a coaching session. Until then stay healthy. stay positive, and don’t be an asshole!



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