Where I’ve Been and Stand

caWith not posting for about a month I have gotten questions of where I have been and why. In short, life has been crazy this past month. Finishing my 25th lap around the sun and promotion, not to mention the craziness that is going on in the world and USA specifically.

Why I Went Silent

At the end of May following the death of another Black man (Rest In Peace George Floyd) by police brutality and many non-Black allies chose to silence our selves for a bit so that algorithms would have to showcase Black content creators. So instead of posting my own content, I worked on uplifting and cheering on fellow creators. I have posted often on Instagram speaking out of support in Black Lives Matter and equality. As the fight for equality continues I will continue to post about the issues that need addressing and fixed. Allyship is a verb and needs to be an action in your day to day life.

Where I Stand

I stand with the Black Lives Matter Movement, I advocate wearing your mask, I support the LGBTQ+ community, I vote like I am the minorities suffering in this “greatest country in the world”. The USA is not the greatest country it’s not even in the top 3.  The USA is good if you are a straight white male and even then if you aren’t rich too good luck. This is not Political! This is basic HUMAN rights. There is a lot of change to come and it is time to work together or be against equality that you claim to want by saying “all lives matter”.

My Promise

As an ally, I promise to continue fighting for others and equality. I promise to listen to your experiences and believe you. Diversity is beautiful and I love watching people come together to make this the new normal. The time for change is now! With Covid-19 still a massive issue it has given us time to change. To make this country what the people want and deserve! Black Lives Matter and I will continue to stand with you even as I start to post my own content again. I promise to make calls and write emails to bring justice for innocent lives lost due to our very broken system! Stay healthy, stay positive, and don’t be an asshole.

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