Pleasuring Someone With a Penis

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Artwork from abstract nudes on instagram.  Linktree at the end of the article. To make this the most accessible I can I will be saying Penis in regards to the body part it’s self so that no matter what you or a partner identify as this can be useful to more people. As always this is going to vary person to person and you should always talk to your partner if it’s for them. Along with personal preference, each penis is unique, and pleasuring each one will be different.  There are many points on and around the penis that can be extremely pleasurable for the owner.  Breaking it down to shaft specifically then talking about other areas after.

Pleasuring the Shaft

There a lot so different spots on the shaft fo the penis that gives a great deal of pleasure for the receiver.  Let’s start with just the tip or head of the penis. The ridge on the top side has lots of nerves on the underside of the ridge and stimulating it directly can bring a lot of sensations there. On the underside of the tip, there is what I like to call the pleasure triangle is the frenulum of the shaft and it holds lots of nerve terminals which can make it really pleasurable or over stimulating so communication with your partner is key! If your partner is circumcised they can be more sensitive.  Ways that you can stimulate these parts are flicking of the tongue, a slight sucking movement, a gentle caress of your finger along with some lubricant possibly warming or cooling.

Other parts of the shaft including the underside ridge. This can be fun to lick in different patterns to tease and please your partner. At the base of the shaft, there are also quite a few nerves. Rubbing or adding a slight pressure can stimulate this well. Another way to mix it up is to add a vibrator. This can be in the form of a ring, a bullet, or any other vibe if you get creative!

Artwork from abstract nudes on instagram.  Linktree at the end of the article. And Beyond

There is more than just the shaft to the anatomy of penis owners so let’s talk about those. To start off let’s talk testicles this can be something very stimulating that can be enjoyable or too much for some. When pleasuring the testicles of course after talking with your partner start with gentle rubbing and caressing. Bringing out the sensual side of sex can be a great way to start exploring new things. Next is the premium its the soft spot between the backdoor and the testicles. Stimulating this is one way you can stimulate the prostate without penetration. This is a great place to put a vibe while giving oral if you get consent.


There are so many ways that you can stimulate someone with a penis. Talking with your partner or try different things on your own and bring it to a partner. Communication is going to be key in exploring and pleasuring yourself or a partner. Starting off slow doesn’t mean it can be enjoyable just that you get to enjoy it longer. Finding what you like best can take time. Learning to enjoy the journey is part of the fun!  Special thanks to the artist Abstract Nudes for some of the artwork used! theSo until next time stay healthy, stay positive, and don’t be an asshole.



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