My Patio Garden Adventure

Hiding among the flowers

marigolds and our view One of the best parts of this summer was planting a patio garden with my partner.  Trips to local garden centers numerous plants killed and some that thrived. It’s not the easiest trying to have a garden on a patio. Being 100% honest my partner is to thank most of all. He is the one with a green thumb while I would have killed everything in the first week!

Planting Our Patio

Our first set of crops was planed at the end of April/ early May. Starting with corn, peas, lavender, mint/ other herbs, and tomatoes. Some of these things did better than others. Corn was easy yet difficult because we got ants in the base of it and some stocks. Along with that, the weather in Oregon this summer has been less than consistent. Meaning that our corn blew its stocks and stopped producing/ developing in July instead of September.  Most of our herbs did not do well and either flowered or wilted which could stem from the weather as well. Our tomatoes did incredibly we had so many that we probably won’t be able to eat them all!

At first, we had some issues with our mint as well but after we took some trimmings and propagate them than planting those they have been thriving! Along with those we had quite a few flowers that did really well such as our Marigolds and snapdragons.  In July we added more things to our patio such as two new pepper plants and more mint.

Peas growing and going wild Struggles And Sucess

Something that changed this year a lot from last year was our weather here in the PNW, trying different sun placements and more have been a challenge. Some things that have done surprisingly well are the peas we had and got to make a lovely stirfry with. The sweet-hot pepper plant is doing so well and we just harvested our first pepper from it! I am not the best at taking care of plants so it has been a learning process for me but I am so glad that my SO (significant other) is great with them. I am excited for next year to learn from this one and grow eve more! Until next time stay healthy, stay positive, and don’t be an asshole.


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