Who Is Meaghan?

From a young age, travel was something I loved and knew I wanted to do a lot of. Road trips to airplanes to hiking all of it makes me happy in an explainable way. Making me extremely passionate about travel and adventure. My goal in life is to go to as many places as possible and learn about the cultures of the world. I believe in celebrating and accepting differences. Cultures are so different all beautiful in there own way! Growing up with a single mom make me strong and independent. For that, I am eternally grateful. She has always been supportive and encouraging. With that said not everyone has been so accepting of my solo travel. That's where Hans comes in. By a few people, I was told that it was unsafe to travel alone. So I adopted Hans and he travels with me. This is a blog to capture my life and the adventures Hans and I go on. Hopefully, along the way, you learn some helpful tips and enjoy reading about different places/cultures from our world!



Who is Hans?

Hans is the little yellow gnome. Also the best travel companion anyone could hope for. He is part of my adventure because as a young female who is very independent and wants to travel alone  I was often told that it was unsafe to travel alone, in general, let alone as a woman...  Before moving to Germany (Deutschland) I worked as a preschool teacher and he was left by the previous teacher. So I adopted him. Now he travels the world with me. Along the way, he has been broken and involved in car accidents but alive nether the less.  He is my travel buddy and will make it so that I don't have to travel alone! Although someday he may have to retire I hope that day is long ways down the road. Hans is the more photogenic our duo.