Salzburg Must See Sights

Growing up in the USA I must have watch Sound Of Music hundreds of times. In case you haven’t seen it was filmed in Salzburg Austria. Based on Nazi times in Austria. Filled with beautiful songs and scenery.  I got the chance to explore this exciting and breathtaking city on a solo trip! With secret passageways and sunset river views, Salzburg treated me very well for the few days we shared.  Just like each city, I have stepped foot it Salzburg has a piece of my heart! From hidden stairways and stunning views to beers by the river here are the must-see spots.

Hans in Mirabell Palace


Mirabell Palace


Taking a walk through the bright colored roses in the garden is a must for your trip to Salzburg. This is a great spot to stop and get a few photos from your trip. Filled with roses and beautiful archways there are so many different photo opportunities. As well as being featured in the movie Sound Of Music. Make sure to put your phone away for a bit and just enjoy!




View from where the stairs led too!


Sometimes just walking around a city with nowhere to be and an adventurous spirit you find a small staircase that leads up to breathtaking views. While just walking around Salzburg a small staircase just stood out to me and I had to follow it. Not knowing where it led up a hill I went… in WHITE pants.  The stairs lead up a hill to a church and viewpoints on the side of the hill that give you great views of the Castle. I wouldn’t recommend white pants but surprisingly they stayed white!

Modern Art Museum

This is not what you think I don’t actually mean visiting the museum but the path around it. Although the museum is incredible that’s not what you must see. The view of Salzburg is breathtaking. On one side you can see all the way to Germany which was really cool! Definitely worth the treck. If you keep walking on the trail about 900km you will reach the castle or you can take stairs down into the city.


Relaxing on the river bank

River Drinking

One of my favorite things about Europe is public drinking! It never hurts to have breathtaking views! Depending on which side of the river you choose you either get castle views or just the gorgeous buildings of Austria. Europe has so much history and sometimes we get lost in all the “must-sees” that we forget to see the local parts fo the city.  So grab your favorite drink and maybe a few snacks and head to the river bank for sunset!


Disclaimer I only saw it from afar. The white castle is a center point of Salzburg. During this trip, I did not get the chance to explore the castle up close but from afar it was one of my favorite sights to see especially during sunset. At most times while in the center of town when you look around you can catch a glimpse of this beautiful castle! Next time I go to Salzburg it will be the first thing I go explore!

St. Peters Church Salzburg Austria

St. Peters Church

There are quite a few churches that you can visit while you are in Salzburg St. Peters had one thing that made it so different. No, not the graveyard or courtyard. Dating back all the way to the 7th century St. Peters has seen so many people and is full of so much history. The thing that stuck out to me was the tiles on the steps into the church had almost a dent in them from how many feet have walked into the church, whether it be for tourism or seeking something else it takes a lot to wear down the stones to the point of being noticeable. The catacombs are also a really crazy thing to experience but if you are an empath it may be hard for you.


Salzburg was a great city to enjoy and explore for the few days I had there! I did not get to see everything That I wanted to but there is always next time! To see more from my August 2017 trip check out my blog on Prague! 


Have you ever been to Salzburg? What was your favorite place to visit? Should I do food places? Leave your comments below!

Happy and safe adventuring!


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