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Sex Education

Making sex education content easily accessible to many is one of my main goals. I love teaching people and help them. My blog will always be free to read. As I am always learning I may mess up but I try to be inclusive for all so that all can learn something!

Coaching with Meaghan

In my coaching I offer sex, intimacy, and relationship coaching. Helping you reach your goals and learn your body is my passion. Workin in a sex shop showed me that. Doing my best I will help answer any questions and find solutions catered to you.

Hiding among the flowers
One of the best parts of this summer was planting a patio garden with my partner.  Trips to local garden
Eggplant collage
To make this the most accessible I can I will be saying Penis in regards to the body part it's
caWith not posting for about a month I have gotten questions of where I have been and why. In short,
Masturbation is likely a lot of people's first sexual experience. It is NOT something you should be scared to do
Anxiety seems like it's the thing that knits all of us millennials together. It is a cruel thing to deal
Working at a sex shop I get to see a wide variety of how people view and what they think
In learning to love myself I also learned how to care for myself. Self-care is something I believe any and
Everyone has heard the term masturbation. The first time ever really hearing it and understanding it for me was in
Learning to love myself has been a long road. It will continue to be a journey throughout my life as
There are sex toys for everything and everyone. We will not be referring to gender when talking about what we


About Meaghan

From preschool to porn store. After moving home from Europe I changed a lot in my life. One of those was going from child care to a sex shop. Leading me to become a sex educator/sex coach. Helping others embrace themselves and find pleasure in the adventure is my passion. Come along this journey with me!

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